Monday, November 25, 2013



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I also have photos of nature, beach, shells, mountains and skies you can where you can select your FREE photo.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blessed and Thankful

Hello again, I am feeling very blessed at this time of year and thankful for my great family and wonderful friends. I hope you are feeling that also. Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time to reflect on all or our blessings!

I am also thankful that I have an outlet for my creativity through my photography and in designing beaded jewelry which are both colorful, fun, and make me smile!
I have many new items in my shop on Etsy and hope that you will look soon to shop and share in my love of color and flowers. Click here to visit my shop: Just for Joy Creations

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I am planning a Black Friday & Holiday SALE which will begin on Wednesday, November 27th and will offer FREE SHIPPING on all of your purchases. This is a fantastic time to shop and save! I will be sending out more details in emails, posting the information here on my Blog, and in my shop's announcement section. Keep a lookout!

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Remember to use this holiday season to count your blessings and be thankful!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Exciting New Items

Hello again everyone and I hope you are getting into the holiday spirit as it is quickly going to be upon us. I have so many exciting new items in my shop - all just in time for your holiday shopping needs!

Here are some of my new creations as well as the links for you to shop:.
This is a perfect gift set of 2 stretch bracelets composed of colorful agate gemstones and black onyx:
Shop for this: Agate/Onyx Bracelet Set 

This is another stretch bracelet set with a Southwestern flair - perfect for pairing with jeans:
Shop for this: Southwest Turquoise and Red Jade Bracelet Set
Stretch, elastic-style bracelets are so popular and affordable at this time and they add a wonderful pop of color to any outfit. Men and women are wearing this style type of accessory and here is a tip for prolonging the life of your stretch elastic-style bracelets.
TIP: When putting on and taking off avoid pulling from just one side, which could can cause uneven stretching. Its best to roll it on of your arm in a rolling, funnel motion. This can be done by putting together your fingers so that they are touching the tips, then with your other hand gently slide the bracelet on over the fingers, knuckles and then onto your wrist evenly. When taking it off also its best to follow this funnel motion. I hope this helps you get enjoyment from your accessories for a long time to come.
Here are two holiday card choices (of several that I offer this year) that would be perfect to send to your friends and family:
Shop for these: Red Daisy Holiday Cards
Shop for these: Winter Greens and Pine Cones Holiday Cards
I have many colorful photographs that I sell matted and ready to frame some with inspirational quotes such as these:
Shop for this: "Believe" Red Lily
Shop for this: "Beautiful Day" Pikes Peak Colorado

Please visit my shop today at this link to select the perfect gifts for this holiday season! Just for Joy Creations

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Thanks and stay joyful! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NEW Inspirational Art

Hello everyone - hope you are having a great fall and getting ready for the upcoming fun holidays. It is getting very cool here in Colorado and the changing leaves are really colorful.

I am now offering INSPIRATIONAL ART which will make great holiday gifts. I have several options for the motivational & inspirational quotes and you can always select any photo in my shop to make CUSTOM gift.

Here are some examples of what I am offering just in time for your holiday needs:

LINK TO SHOP: "Have a Beautiful Day"

LINK TO SHOP: "Live, Love, Laugh"
LINK TO SHOP: "Use the Whole Box of Crayons"
LINK TO SHOP: "Enjoy Simple Things in Life"

Hope you will stop by my SHOP Just For Joy Creations Etsy Shop and enjoy some HOLIDAY SHOPPING! It's never too early to begin so that you have more time for the really important things, like family & friends, during the holidays.

Remember the reason for the season,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School - End of Summer - Already?

This is the end of August and back to school time for many families. For me it means summer in Colorado is coming to an end and I am not sure I am ready for winter and the holidays yet - are you?

I will be changing my shop listings at Just for Joy Colorful Creations Shop on Etsy to NEW FALL & WINTER ITEMS this weekend.


Here are a couple of great, unique GIFT IDEAS:
(Click on links below pictures to shop)

Great COASTERS - ANY PHOTO you want!
I have three (3) types of coasters to choose from. This set is round Mahogany Coasters (Set of 4) with black metal Coaster Rack. These coasters show off the image so crisp and clear!
Click here to see other TYPES of coaster sets: COASTERS and HOME GIFT SETS

Another UNIQUE GIFT IDEA is a SET including COASTERS and WINE BOTTLE STOPPER and CHARMS with ANY PHOTO you WANT - like these:

Here are a couple of ideas and you can click here for more Holiday Cards,  Fall & Winter Pictures, and Flowers and Nature Pictures. My CARDS SETS are 6 for $12.50 and you can order as many as you like.


Here is a YUMMY HOLIDAY IDEA: Caramel Apple Idea from my Pinterest Board Just for Joy Pinterest Holiday Board

Here are some GREAT IDEAS for FALL and HOLIDAYS from my friend's shop Cookie Dough Creations


I hope you have a smooth transition from summer to fall and the upcoming holidays. Remember the reason for the season! Enjoy your family and friends and all the great food available le this time of year!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Happenings

Hi everyone and I hope you are all enjoying the last half of summer.
Before we know it all the kids will be going back to school and the leaves will be changing colors....BUT....
for now lets squeeze all the summer fun out of these days that we can!
LINK: This way to the Beach!

I have a new Pinterest board called "Pins for Summer Inspiration" and I am including summer products, summer photos, and inspiring quotes. Visit soon at this link: Pins for Summer Inspiration
LINK: Beach Fashion!

I am also having an August GIVE AWAY! Each time you REPIN and LIKE my post for  Copper and Brass Vintaj Earrings then you will have a chance to WIN the earrings on September 1, 2013! I will draw names and let the winner know so that I can ship them right away.

Here is a photo of the earrings that will be given away FREE:

Here is the link for my Pin it To Win it post: PIN IT TO WIN IT GIVE AWAY

I also have a 20%  DISCOUNT COUPON on my Facebook business page. If you LIKE my Just for Joy Creations Facebook page you will receive the coupon to use on your entire order from my Etsy shop!

Here is the link to my Facebook page where you can LIKE me:
The COUPON link is just below where you LIKE my page. Click on the Coupon picture shown.

You can use the coupon on your entire order at my Shop! Here is a sample of some ideas on h ow to use your coupon!

Something like the set shown here would be perfect for a late summer get-together, a ladies' night at home, or as a superb and unique GIFT!
ANY of my photos can become a custom wine set like this one.

LINK:  Seagull Wine Bottle Stopper and Glass Charm Set

Or maybe add some SUMMER COLOR to your world with a photograph like the one below showing a gorgeous summer garden and resting bench or choose from any of my other photos and treat yourself to color everyday!

LINK: Summer Garden Photograph

Or brighten up your iPhone or someone else's as a GIFT with a unique photo phone case like this one shown or ANY of my photos can become a unique, custom cell phone case!

LINK: iPhone Case with Ocean Waves

However you decide to spend the last days of your summer, please remember to enjoy yourself and surround yourself with friends, family, and people who love you! Sheila

Monday, May 6, 2013

New Summer/Beach Jewelry

I have created several new anklets and bracelets that will be perfect this summer for wearing to work, with your jeans, and at the beach so that you sparkle and shine!
Please visit my Shop Just for Joy Creations @ to see more items.
CLICK on LINKS below photos to find prices and more information about items.
Thank you and come back soon!
Green Jasper beaded Anklet with gold Turtle Charm
Green River Shell Beaded Anklet with silver Flower Charm
Green Pyrite Beaded Bracelet with Gold Heart Charm
Wrap Style Blue Beads & Hearts Bracelet

Blue Abalone Beaded Bracelet with Gold Dolphin Toggle Clasp
Red Jasper Beaded Bracelet with Tibetan Accent bead

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Needs Handmade Jewelry

10 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Needs Handmade Jewelry
(Original Post By Leslie Patrick of SWCreations)
Please visit my handmade jewelry shop Just for Joy Creations Shop
Walk through any mall in America and you’ll see a treasure trove of jewelry. A kaleidoscopic array of baubles, bling and accessories cascade from every shop window, their inanimate voices practically screaming “buy me”! Trouble is, that while these pieces may look nice and the price may even be appealing, there are various hidden factors involved when making a purchase from a chain or department store. Poor quality and unethical working conditions is just the tip of the mass production iceberg, yet are factors that pleasantly disappear when you choose to buy handmade, and domestically crafted beaded jewelry. Choosing handmade accessories is a fashionable decision you can feel good about–read on to find out why.

Top 10 reasons why you should buy handmade today:
  1. Higher Quality. In general, handmade beaded jewelry is of a more superb quality than mass produced items found in your typical chain store, thus handmade items tend to last longer and wear more gracefully. Artisans who craft their work in small batches place great care and consideration into each bracelet or necklace they create, ensuring an end product that will be a valuable addition to your collection for years to come.
  2. One of a kind. When you purchase handmade jewelry from a small artisan, you are guaranteed that the item you are wearing exists nowhere else on the planet. You can revel in the unique collection of beads that came together to create the specific piece you now treasure–a feeling you simply can’t capture with mass-produced jewelry from a chain store.
  3. Supporting small businesses. When you choose to buy domestically, you are investing in the American economy. Small business owners too often close their doors in the face of competing with products mass produced overseas. Don’t let this happen! Buy your beaded jewelry locally!
  4. Supporting the arts. Purchasing handmade beaded jewelry is an investment in the arts. Jewelry making has been a craft for thousands of years–from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans–and it is still going strong today. Investing in handmade jewelry crafted by local artisans ensures this vibrant and beautiful skill is carried on through future generations.
  5. Custom ordering means countless choices. Want a necklace made from your children’s birthstones? Need a pair of earring to match the bridesmaid’s dress for your best friend’s wedding? When you choose handmade beaded jewelry, the possibilities for design and color suddenly become infinite turning your beaded jewelry dreams into reality.
  6. Makes gift giving easy. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthdays suddenly become a lot simpler when you have a go to source for handcrafted beaded jewelry. From earrings to pendants, choose from an array of premade accessories or concoct a special gift of your own creation to dazzle your loved one.
  7. Repairs are a breeze. Chances are that your favorite piece of jewelry is probably going to get some wear and tear. With handcrafted jewelry, there is a good chance that you can return to the same artist for repairs–not likely with something you bought at the mall.
  8. A face and a name. Most of the time, it is impossible to know who creates the things we buy. So wouldn’t it be nice if on occasion you could put a face and a name to a product? When you buy from small artisans, each piece comes from the heart of the artist who created it, allowing you to feel more connected with the jewelry you choose to wear.
  9. More for your money. Sometimes the prices for mass produced items are cheaper than handmade items, while sometimes the opposite is true. But even if you do spend slightly more on a handcrafted item, the long-term quality you receive will be well worth the extra few dollars you shell out initially.
  10. Love and care. When an artisan handcrafts a piece of beaded jewelry, they are pouring into it their creativity, passion and love. So when the person who creates a work of art truly cares about the creative process, the beauty shines through uninhibited making a stunning piece of beaded jewelry that much more enviable.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New jewelry items!

I have some more new jewelry items in my shop on Etsy that I wanted to share with you.
Just for Joy Creations 
If you click on the name under the photos you will be able to see the prices and buying options.

I know most of us are anxious for springtime and Easter and Mother's Day are just around the corner. Maybe one of these pretties would make a nice gift for that someone special in your life!

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

More new items!

I have added more new items to my shop Just for Joy Creations
Be sure to visit my Shop (link above) and see all the new items I have to offer.
I am also having a 10% off Sale! Use code FRIENDS10 at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!

Set of Two Bracelets
Set of three 5x7" Prints